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My summer project :)


Hey guys,
you probably already know I like taking photos right?!
I want to tell you about the project I started called ‘a summer 62’,
it means I have to take a photo a day during my summer break (2 months).
I want to share the first 5 days with you, but you can also follow it on my flickr!
Muchos lovos, kissos xx (yeah Spain won yesterday ;))

PS. this guy wrote a story with our photos here :) go and read it, it’s a lovely story!

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  1. 08/07/2010 21:11

    Thanks for the link and stuff! BEAUTIFUL shots, as usual. You two are both so talented! Add me on facebook so we can work together again! ;)

  2. 08/07/2010 22:11

    That’s an awesome summer project. Where’s the link to your blog?
    You said it once, but I forgot it and the link is not in this blog right?
    I love the photos you’ve taken.

  3. 13/07/2010 07:07

    Wow, echt supermooie foto’s, vooral die eerste (je kleine zusje of zo?)
    Ik kan niet wachten om de rest van de foto’s van je zomerproject te zien!

  4. 13/07/2010 08:54

    PS: ik heb jullie een award gegeven op mijn blog!

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