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Ok guys, Laura here, but I’m going to present Manon to you (otherwise she would never say the good things about herself). Sooooo, as you can see Manon’s on the picture, she’s fucking photogenic and takes the most beautiful pictures ever. She loves listening to music and plays the piano, the guitar and she sings a lot. If you don’t really know her she won’t seem really open at first sight, but if you get to know her.. like seriously, she laughs all the time and can’t stop talking (that’s probably why teachers never let us sit next to each other in class..) Last minute traveling is something that really suits her and if we both get a little tired of school and, which is quite a lot, we’re pro’s in daydreaming. Luckily people can’t read our mind, because otherwise it might get pretty awkward. I could talk about Manon for hours, but I might better just stop now.


♥ If you want to be happy, be.

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  1. Nonsense Of The Truth permalink*
    28/02/2009 19:04

    Heyaaa Manon!
    wat zie jij er een leuke meid uit :’ )
    hahah, just kidding – je bent gwn leuk! <3

    eignlijk wel grappig hoeda we elkaar in het
    begin leerde kenne éh ;) k mbon, swatt! xD
    (eerste keer in mn leve dak da schrijf ^^)


    -we are foto & singbuddy’s for eveeer!

  2. mcbau permalink
    21/06/2009 18:10

    Manoon: You’re an amazing girl!
    & I LOVE YOU TOO ^^

  3. Lou :) permalink
    28/08/2009 14:47


    Ik weet dat ik heel weinig iets van mij laat horen,
    en dat ik bijna nooit comments laat MAAR jullie moeten
    toch echt weten dat jullie prachtige blog een even
    belangrijke routine is als mijn mailbox lezen ^^.
    Echtwaar, ik ben een dagelijkse fan & ik ga jullie allebei missen!
    Big Love, Lou <3

  4. Oswald Maskens permalink
    10/02/2010 21:37

    Well done!

  5. Charline permalink
    07/06/2010 20:57


  6. 20/07/2010 02:12

    Happy, not happy. It;s all good as long as your life is expanding which means looking at it for real. Happiness that comes from seeing what you want to see will get lost in your dreams.

    Great sense of color, shape and life in your photographs. Try taking shots to capture what we are not looking at. All the best on your journeys and don’t let your youth blind you to think that this journey is about getting what you want, it is about giving to the truth of what is really going on. Get real and be free.

    David Coles…

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