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Hey you! – DAY 4


Hé there, everything still cool and chill as always. Except for one thing; we just heard about the news in Belgium, there’s a festival (Pukkelpop) that caused 3 dead men due a storm. Because of that accident we were busy the whole evening watching videos of it and following the news. It’s pretty bad, but normally the festival will go on and we heard our friends there are ok. So that’s good news :) Anyway we’re going to bed now since we’re planning on going to a market tomorrow morning. So good night you all and don’t let the bed bugs bite ya, xoxo.

Laura & Manon.

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  1. 18/08/2011 23:22

    Good Night and it’s good to hear all your friends ok. Have fun and cute picture. Keep it up.

  2. 19/08/2011 07:44

    Niet normaal daar op pukkelpop! Er zijn ondertussen al 5 doden, 8 zwaargewonden en 65 lichtgewonden, elk van hen is er 1 teveel .. Goed dat al jullie vrienden ok zijn, ik heb nog niet van iedereen bericht gehad ..

  3. Floortje permalink
    19/08/2011 15:51

    Ik was erbij, gelukkig zijn mijn vriendinnen en ik allemaal oké. Het was verschrikkelijk!

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