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The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself.


Hi there! Laura here. I had a super busy wkend as a photographer. It started on Friday, there was this party I had to a the photographer and yes, I got payed for that which is pretty damn awesome. Then Saturday I did a photoshoot with Michelle (the girl on the pictures), I had an amazing time. She lives like really close to me so we can do shoots together anytime! Then Saturday night I was the photographer again on another party. I saw some friends from Ghent back, I was so happy to see them :). Being a photographer on parties is actually pretty cool: free entrance, free drinks all night, you get to know the dj’s and you can go on stage! Haha, well my wkend was really really busy, but it was nice. Here are some pictures I took of Michelle Saturday. I edited them a lot, because I’m starting to get addicted to photoshop hihi. Hope you guys like them!

Love, Laura.

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  1. 20/03/2011 21:34

    Nothing better than getting payed to have fun and drink a little, and cool pictures I like the vintage feel you have with all our pictures. Keep up the good work.

  2. 20/03/2011 21:43

    Wow great photos! im waiting for my birthday to buy my own camera and starting writing posts like this and adding my super duper pictures that only I love!

    You are great photographer and you can show me some things in photoshop i would love to learn!

    Really cute also :P

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