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little things that make my day

  • sleeping in your own bed after you’ve been away.
  • when you make someone elses day.
  • being sent mail
  • listening to your favourite song on repeat.
  • when you arrive just as the train is pulling up.
  • people who just ‘get’ you.
  • finding something back you thought you had lost.
  • checking the time & it’s exactly 11:11.
  • making it home just before it starts raining.
  • waking up with new text messages from your friends.

(picture by Laura, Manon as model)

Oh yeah! Before I forget:

We both had an amazing holiday! Manon did some photoshoots with friends and I went to London during my last wkend of holiday. I had a blast, seriously I’m like in love with that city. I’m going to upload the pictures I took there tomorrow, so keep an eye on our blog, we both have loads of pictures to show you guys ;)

Enjoy your week! (at school, bleh.. –‘)

Love, Laura.

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  1. 15/03/2011 05:26

    Is that picture a layered one? It’s very pretty. Whenever I get mail I just get super happy :)

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