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Hit me with lightning.


Hi guys! Please check out my new video :)

love, laura.

btw as you can see some fragments are filmed with my fisheye whieeee

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  1. anne permalink
    12/02/2011 11:13

    amaaazing video!
    love it!!

  2. Michele permalink
    12/02/2011 13:25

    Is it a digital lens? Because I would love to get one myself, but I find them to expensive for a slr (I have a Nikon D90) :)
    Nice video, btw!

  3. 12/02/2011 14:18

    Hey, I love the video and I absolutely love the song, but can you tell me what’s the name of it? xoxo

  4. Marie permalink
    12/02/2011 15:41

    WOW!!! This video is awesome!
    It’s amazing and I have no words for it.
    I just love it (:

  5. Nonsense Of The Truth permalink*
    12/02/2011 23:57

    yes, it’s a samyang (digital lens) and I’ve the Nikon D5000 so it’s the same :) thank you!

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