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Well hello guys!

Laure-Anne just left this morning, she stayed at my place for 2 days. We watched 10 movies in 2 days (and yes we’re proud of it). Seems like I’m not going to school tomorrow, how awesome is that?! Because of all the rain there are some overflows here in the neighbourhood and we can’t leave town.. but I don’t mind, means I’m having a 5-day wkend! :)

Love, Laura.

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  1. 17/11/2010 17:42


  2. lucy permalink
    21/11/2010 21:43

    hey manon! love your pictures, so cute! i have a question though.. what camera do you use? i’ve been looking for cameras but don’t seem to find good ones. and when i see your pictures, they’re so good quality! Please answer me!

  3. Nonsense Of The Truth permalink*
    22/11/2010 20:46

    @lucy: I use a Nikon D40 and Laura uses a Nikon D5000.

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