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life’s so weird. seriously, my opinion about it can change in a minute. sometimes i wish i could just take break, like a holiday with myself, not having to think about anything else. that would be so cool. all the bullshit we go through as a teenager.. i know it actually doesn’t really matter in the end, but still, it’s really hard to hold on to that thought. however all those little things make us into the person we are now today. life can be really sucky but in the end it’s not that bad, i guess? make something beautiful of your life. don’t give up.

(picture by manon, text by laura)

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  1. Geraldine permalink
    18/10/2010 17:41

    Wauw, amazing picture and text. I know those feelings.

  2. 18/10/2010 18:21

    Your pictures keep gettting better and better, I love them!

  3. Smileygurl permalink
    20/10/2010 16:18

    Love the pic, adore the text…used it as a quote on my Facebook :)

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