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doing what you like is freedom. liking what you do is happiness.


Hi there peeps! We’re so so so so so so sorry for not blogging in ages, but we’ve been both really busy with enjoying our holiday. Like you guys probably know I (Laura) am still in Italy (3 weeks is too long..) I’m leaving tomorrow morning and I’m actually quite excited about that. It’s been too long since I’ve been in Belgium for more than 3 days. I’d love to see my friends back! Anyway I went to Milan, Bérgamo and Venice, cities you must visit once in your life. Here are some pictures from my stay here in Italy.

Hahaha this is my brother on the boat, I laughed for like an hour when I had made this picture :’)

Ok, enough pictures from Italy, now I need to say something very important, here it is: MANON I FUCKING MISS YOU! I haven’t seen here in like almost 2 months now, it’s horrible because I’m used to seeing here a lot.. However I know she’s been enjoying her summer holiday as much as possible. She went to Barcelona a few day ago and took stunning pictures (like usual). I’ll show you some.

As far as I know she also went to the beach in Belgium.

So yeah that’s it I think. We’ll be probably blogging more when school starts ;)

Love, Laura.

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  1. 22/08/2010 11:43

    Awesome pics guys!

  2. eugenie permalink
    23/08/2010 14:40

    Haaa laura and manon! t’is zooooo lang geleden! I miss you guys! A looot! See you on 1st september!

  3. 24/08/2010 05:33

    Both of you have really pretty and creative pictures :) PS: I think I was at that beach!

  4. 24/08/2010 21:42

    AMAZING- truly amazing pictures !

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