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They say thunder and lightning would never strike twice


Daedalus interea Creten longumque perosus

exilium tactusque loci natalis amore

clausus erat pelago “Terras licet” inquit “et undas

obstruat, at caelum certe patet; ibimus illac!

omnia possideat, non possidet aëra Minos!”

– Daedalus et Icarus, Ovidius.

Do you see what kind of stupid things we have to learn?! Oh god, I really can’t wait for summer holiday, 2 months without school, it sounds too good to be true.. And my holiday’s going to be awesome, going to a festival for 3 days, 10 days on surfcamp, camping with my scouts during 15 days and 3 weeks in Italy (wakeboarding! ♥). However, I have to stay realistic, today’s the 2th of June so still 5 days of school and 10 days of exams to go, ok Laura, you’ll survive! Haha, I’m trying to motivate myself here ^^. But I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has exams, so to all of you who has to study this month, good luck! Only a few weeks of hard work to go and afterwards you’ve a long summer break :)

love, laura.

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  1. 02/06/2010 17:02

    Ovidius, omg! Vorig jaar moesten we ‘Daedalus en Icarus’ ook voor het examen studeren :s Dit is het begin, toch? Daedalus die van Minos niet van het eiland af mag, maar Minos bezit de lucht niet en bla bla bla.
    Veel sterkte er mee!
    en ik weet niet of je volgend jaar nog Latijn zal doen, maar de teksten (Vergilius & Horatius – BLLUUUUHHH) worden er niet beter op :s

  2. Charline permalink
    07/06/2010 20:52

    sounds good Laura! :) a festival? werchter, pukkelpop, landryday, … ?
    ohgoshh, your pictures on this blog are just amaaaazing. I’ve watched until the end, I just could’nt stop :’)

  3. Sophie permalink
    09/06/2010 12:07

    Haha, Daedalus en Icarus, heb ik ook gelezen vorig jaar. :D
    Wow, je vakantie ziet er echt beresjiek uit!
    xx, Sophie

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