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If retards could fly, my school would be an airport.


Hi there! I can’t believe it.. in 14 days our exams begin, that’s pretty shitty, but afterwards we’ve summer holidaaaaay ♥ It’s going to be amazing: parties parties partieeees! Anyway, last Monday we didn’t had school so we both did a lot of things :) Sunday I went to Halle just to hang out with some friends. It was really hot and there was this fontain, so yeah you can already see what happened..

That day was pretty awesome, then last Monday I went to Camille’s place with Lara and Manon because we had to make a movie for this big assignment. I already finished editing our movie, but I can’t put it on youtube, facebook, vimeo or what so ever because it’s too big and it contains different songs. Such a shame, because I really would like to show it to you guys.. (even though we talk Dutch in the video) However I had a great time at Camille’s place too, we swam, laughed, talked and so on. A perfect summer day actually :)

Take care everyone, Laura. xoxo

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  1. 26/05/2010 17:25

    Ohmygod do you have a pool in your backyard?
    Photos look amazing, and oh Laura, I love your swimwear :D

  2. somenewsforleafriend permalink
    26/05/2010 19:57

    I abseloutely LOVE the pictures & your header!!

  3. Marieke Penne permalink
    27/05/2010 15:49

    Ja het was echt FANTASTISCH weer! :D
    Mooie foto’s trouwens ;p

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