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Goodbye good life!


Hi guys, like you probably already know school started again. We had so much fun during spring break and that’s also one of the reasons why we’re pretty down about going back to school. Waking up early, annoying homework and tests and so on! Holiday is clearly still on our mind.. So we made another stop motion with photos of our holidays. Enjoy! (and sorry about the end -_-)
See ya later, Laura & Manon

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  1. 26/04/2010 17:32

    i love love love that video! what music is it? and you guys have such a good sense of style. and i love the lighting at the beginning. ahh when will it be SUMMER? i have exams from now until 1st july. depressing.
    and yeah, haha, it’ll take way more practice until i’m ready to strum the old guitar in front of a camera. but piano, that’s EASY! in fact i just learnt ob-la-di ob-la-da by the beatles and i’m lookin’ to show off… haha kidding, but my friends get so sick of it :’)
    x x x

  2. 28/04/2010 00:41

    Hi! I haven’t been around in a while but you’re blog still great.
    Nice video anyway. Looks like you have a really great time :)

    Ps. Good luck for your school.
    xx, Enep

  3. 28/04/2010 16:41

    zaaalig filmpje!
    hoe noemt da liedje? xx

  4. 29/04/2010 15:24

    how long was your spring break?I had only 1 week of holiday :(
    I live in Italy so during the school we have such short holidays!But we have 3 months of summer break instead!
    And there?
    Anyway…Your blog is cute :)

  5. 29/04/2010 19:54

    zo’n leuk filmpje en jullie hebben echt een leuk blog! xo

  6. 02/05/2010 14:03

    Geweellllldig! Phoenix erachter maakt het ook allemaal zo vrolijk.

  7. 11/05/2010 19:55

    leuk filmpje :)

  8. 15/05/2010 23:50

    Leuk filmpje en heerlijke muziek!! (y)

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