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and it’s talking to strangers about the weather. it’s staying up until 3am to read a good book in one go. and it’s learning a new song on your guitar. and it’s getting a phonecall or a message from the person you were just thinking about. it’s finding out the guy you like actually likes you back. it’s smiling at people you don’t know in the street. it’s discovering a new band you absolutely love on first song. and it’s a guy with gorgeous eyes. and it’s the way your hair smells wonderful after you just washed it. and it’s writing a list of what you’re going to pack before you go on a trip because you’re so excited. and it’s when your friend calls you just because they ‘felt like talking to you’. it’s having a great conversation with a guy after you had to work up the courage for half an hour to call them. it’s getting home and taking a warm bath after you got caught in the rain. it’s being so tired that sitting on the bus for an hour is an absolute luxury. and it’s meeting your favourite band. and it’s wandering round in nothing but your boyfriend’s t-shirt all day long. it’s playing guitar in your underwear. it’s when you do really well on a test you only remembered you had the night before. and it’s finding an item of clothing under you bed that you haven’t seen for eight months. it’s when you go to a charity shop and buy yourself something really cool for the cheapest price imaginable. it’s buying your friends little presents ‘just because’. it’s when you realise it’s the weekend and you don’t have to get up after all. it’s singing along to music on your headphones and being oblivious to the fact that no-one else can hear it, but they can hear you. it’s when you feign illness and your mum believes you and lets you stay home. and it’s receiving real letters in the post. and it’s taking 25 stills of you and your best friend on webcam. it’s laying on the grass in a park in london and watching all the people go by. and it’s going out for the night with your friends and laughing about random things. it’s going for a shower and coming back to find you received 5 text messages in that 10 minutes. it’s a spontaneous hug. it’s a kiss in the rain. it’s wearing a coat you haven’t worn for months and finding a tenner in the pocket. and it’s having someone stroke and play with your hair while you fall asleep. it’s waking up to blue skies and birdsong. it’s burning the best mix cd in the world. and it’s being yourself no matter what.


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  1. 09/04/2010 22:01

    Oooh! SUPERmooi! :)

  2. 09/04/2010 23:05

    Okay, so this list is pretty much so true! And your picture is the cutest.

  3. 10/04/2010 00:47

    You owe it to yourself to do all you can to prevent a stroke for yourself or a loved one. You can do it with the right fish oil.

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