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Today I break my promises, to stay out of the emptiness.


Yesterday I went to an abandoned house and I took some pictures there!
Btw, happy (late) Easter everyone :) xoxo Manon

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  1. Philip permalink
    05/04/2010 23:13

    great pics! :)

  2. 05/04/2010 23:23

    De laatste vind ik erg leuk!!

  3. 06/04/2010 06:40

    I wish there were more abandoned houses around, romatic but dirty. Lovely.

  4. Marieke Penne permalink
    06/04/2010 18:53

    Hoe fijn is die plaats niet! :D

  5. 07/04/2010 00:32

    Lovely pictures!

  6. 07/04/2010 15:34

    Leuke foto’s! Jullie looks zijn mooi!

  7. 07/04/2010 21:33

    Leuke foto’s, vooral de voorlaatste.

  8. 30/04/2010 13:20

    lol sweet stuff dude.

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