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2 upcoming films I’m looking forward to.


1. Remember Me (and it’s not just because of Robert Pattinson ;))
I already watched the trailer a hundred times! Haha, I really want to see this film ^^

2. Dear John

So what do you think? xoxo Manon

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  1. Geraldine permalink
    03/02/2010 18:59

    Oh my god, I’m in love with those trailers! :o
    These movies look wooooonderful <3

  2. Geraldine permalink
    03/02/2010 19:05

    (I watched the ‘Dear John’ trailer like 4 times ^^)

  3. 03/02/2010 20:03

    Gooooooooosh! I sooooooooooooooooooooo wanna see the movie Remeber Me ;o , maybe beceause of Robert Pattinson (and Pierce Brosnan), but the story looks good as well so…
    Can’t wait ’till it’ll be in theaters :)

  4. Hannah permalink
    04/02/2010 19:15


  5. 05/02/2010 02:45

    The first one looks good!

  6. 05/02/2010 23:09

    I want to see “Dear John” SO MUCH ! I’ve already seen the trailer like 10 times. :-)

  7. 07/02/2010 19:05

    Really wanna see those two too !!!

  8. 08/02/2010 16:35

    aaaaaah, ik wil die eerste echt zien! niet alleen omdat robert pattinson erin speelt maar dat is wel een pluspunt haha (a) xx

  9. 10/02/2010 20:26

    Oh I want to see both! I’ve only heard about Remember me before:)

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