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When you were young..


Hi there! Laura here. Manon is in Paris untill tomorrow, because we had no school Friday. She’s so lucky, I wish I was there now too! Anyway, yesterday I also did something.. I went to Maastricht (in the Netherlands) to go shopping! I bought soooo much, gosh my wardrobe is really getting overfilled, but I don’t care, haha. You can never have too much clothes, right? ;) Today I cleaned my room, it was such a mess! And in 2 weeks I’m going to paint my room.  Victoria will help me, so it’ll be fun :D. I also bought this really cool paintings, I’ll show you guys my room when it’s finished, can’t wait! Tomorrow I’m going to the scouts, we’re having a game afternoon, I’m a girl, but I actually like gaming, haha. Probably because off my brother :). I should be reading my book for Dutch now.. But I’m too tired to read, I would fall asleep.. Omg I just realised that we have holiday in 2 weeks, wooow! But next week we already have 2 exams. Our school sucks, I know. However, I feel really happy now, I don’t even know why, maybe because I like my new video I made this evening. Here it is. Maybe you won’t like it, but I really love to watch it because I had so much fun that time :).

Love, Laura.

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  1. 31/01/2010 19:20

    Ohmigosh how could you think that someone wouldn’t like that video? I simply adore it! It reminds me a bit of a music video – so fun! And the song is perfect. Which one is it and who is it by? I quite fell in love with it – I want to download it for my iPod! :)

  2. 31/01/2010 22:23

    Ah wat leuk:)

  3. 01/02/2010 05:18

    Hehe thanks !! :D
    We can never have to many clothes- you r def. right about that ;)
    Oh, such a cute video- really like it ! And The Killers Rock ! ;D

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