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Dear Winter.


Dear Winter,
I’m so sorry but you’re already annoying me a little bit too much,
It’s freaking cold and I always want to take pictures during the Golden Hour but because of school I’m always too late at home. Then I run upstairs to take my tripod and camera.. but no, it’s already too late! So please send a message to spring or summer and tell them to come back soon!
Best wishes, Manon.

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  1. 08/01/2010 02:43

    I agree with everything you said here!

  2. 08/01/2010 16:52

    love the first photo

  3. 09/01/2010 13:55

    You should really post these on flickr. They’re gorgeous!

  4. 09/01/2010 18:00

    Thanks :D
    Yea you def. have to go to Hollywood one day. and explore the whole LA area :)
    Really nice pictures ! And I can see that you’re tired of the winter, uuh I really don’t like coldness either !! :/

  5. 13/01/2010 16:10

    i love the pictures, theyre really pretty!

  6. 05/02/2010 20:38

    wauw :) lovelyyyy pictures ! xA

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