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I’ve got a place that I painted white.


picture also on my Flickr

Heyaa everyone. How are you doing?

Life in Belgium is quite normal except all the problems on the road because of the snow, but if you stay inside everything stays the same: it’s colder and it’s getting very soon dark. Let’s say: typical winter days. And oh, I still have to tell you 4 things:

Support #ackma. It’s to raise anorexia awareness. Check the group on facebook! We want #ackma to get in the trending topics on twitter. So please tweet #ackma.
Nonsense Of The Truth is on twitter. So please follow us on twitter too! :’)
Oh you have to see these 2 lovely blogs: KILL ANNA and Young Happy Faces!
White Christmas? Yeah, we will probably have one! Isn’t that awesome? Lalalala ♫

So, I hope you’ll have a lot fun in the snow (at least if there is any snow in your country) ^^
xoxo. Manon

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  1. 22/12/2009 19:55

    The amazing typewriter/calculator :D
    Have a happy Christmas, you & Laura!

  2. 22/12/2009 20:45

    Heee ik kom via via op je blog en ik vind hem echt geweldig. Hij is echt super mooi, en jij nog veel plezier in de sneeuw hahah.
    xxx Birgit

  3. 23/12/2009 13:26

    gij trekt echt zalige foto’s, echt waar. ;D xx

  4. 23/12/2009 13:49


  5. 24/12/2009 16:56

    ohh, I adore the picture,
    and the tekst with SNOW, very original. I love it (: xA

  6. 26/12/2009 23:36

    Thank you very much for the link :D !
    Clara :-)

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