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I want holidaaaaaaaaaay


Hi there everyone! Sorry for not blogging 3 days, but like you know we have exams. Today we had our exam French and hopefully we did it well. We still have 2 exams to go :) I really can’t wait for holiday to begin! We both really need a little break from school.. Because off the exams we haven’t got enough time to take new pictures, so in this post you can see an old picture of me (I took it like 6 months ago ^^)! Today Victoria went to my place so we could already start studying mathematics. Of course we didn’t really study a lot :’). Anyway, Monday we have our exam mathematics and we both really suck at it! So wish us luck :). Tonight Fien is coming over and we’ll have a little movie night. I really need it! Just a relaxing evening with a lot of movies.. But I have to go now, take care guys!

Love, Laura.

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  1. selyna permalink
    11/12/2009 22:16

    Good luck with the exams :)

  2. 12/12/2009 05:41

    Wow, kinda great issue. I am goin to blog about it likewise.

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