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A holiday to do list!


Hi everyone,
our exams will start this Wednesday & no, we don’t like that fact.
BUT I think we will survive it because we know that after those exams there will come 2 amazing weeks (CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS!)
I  already know lots of things I wanna do this holiday, so here is kind of a holiday to do list !

♥ taking LOTS of pictures, I have to make my ‘end assignment’ for photography. I’ll finally have the time to take many pictures, yeah :)
♥ playing the guitar again, now I’ve just no time because of school!
♥ shopppppping! when the sales begin I’m going to shop a lot, I’m pretty sure about that :)
♥ I want to make a film, I’m thinking about that already a long time
♥ making a website with laura for our photos
♥ my favorite radio station is doing every year a ‘Music For Life’-action in Christmas holiday, the concept is always the same: 3 radio presenters are presenting a whole week long 24/24 for charity and they are doing this in a house in glass. You can give money and request songs. This year the house will stand in Ghent and I think I’m going to visit Ghent and also take a look at the glass house
♥ finding a beautiful blazer
♥ blogging, A LOT !
♥ going to Christmas markets
♥ making little trips to cities in Belgium. Antwerp? Ghent? Hasselt? Bruges? Leuven? And of course Brussels! :)

I hope I can do a lot of things that are on my list :)

Have a nice weekend everyone!

xoxo Manon

Picture of Laura and me in Paris.

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  1. 05/12/2009 23:22

    This is the perfect list!

  2. 05/12/2009 23:33

    de foto doet t ‘m, haha!
    ik kan niet zonder lijstjes, mijn dummy staat er vol mee.
    vreselijke verslaving.
    enige manier om mijn leven op orde te houden, haha
    leuk dat jullie zo vaak posten!

    Anne – the girl has no style

  3. 06/12/2009 08:17

    Yay for taking lots of pictures. I’d definitely like the time to do that, too.

  4. Hannah permalink
    06/12/2009 08:22

    I can’t do any of that :( except the photos, I think there will be a lot of beautiful places in Kenia, right? Well at least something positive. een weetge kheb ontdekt da mijn mama echt keiveel ‘blazers’ alle ze zijn nie allemaal zo blazer, blazer ma ze heeft er ook nog mooie allé, sommige zijn nog wa te groot en zo te brede opvulling voor de schouders, ma toch sommige passe nog! en ik wil nog steeds zo een klein tasje vinde mabhon misschien laat ik het gewoon haha

  5. 06/12/2009 20:00

    i lovethe photo, it’s amazing, like all your photos ! (:
    xlove Emma

  6. 07/12/2009 16:43

    Finding a beautiful blazer…oh, I love this goal. I too have been searching for a beautiful blazer. I bought one at Forever 21 a week ago. It’s pretty, but I can’t figure out whether I just don’t have the body for blazers, or if it’s too boxy. I never like how I look in them, but I want one so much. Let our search continue, I suppose! :)

  7. 08/12/2009 10:19

    mooi lijstje ;)

    en ja zeker naar gent gaan voor music for life !!
    ik ben vorig jaar geweest (ik woon niet ver van gent dusja)
    en ‘t was echt ‘wauw’ :D !
    die sfeer is echt overweldigend !

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