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The road ahead


Arrr there mates! (haha, I’m in this Captain-mood ^^) Today was actually a quiete fun day at school. Yeah, that’s really weird, because lately Manon and me are both really fed up with our school. But luckely it’s getting a little bit better, even though we’ll start with our exams in a week! I’m not looking forward to that, I don’t feel like studying much, but Manon and me will study a little bit together, so we can stimulate eachother! :) However, today I took some pictures, but they’re very ugly.. Anyway, here’s a picture from today, I wore that skirt from H&M (like you can see in this post) with a top and some accesories, nothing special actually ;).

Take care everyone, Laura.

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  1. 02/12/2009 00:01

    I know what you mean about studying…I never want to study!

  2. 02/12/2009 06:04

    Love love your tutu skirt so much !

  3. 02/12/2009 09:50

    Lau! You are beautiful on the picture! How can you say that you’re not ;o
    Haha, I promesd you that I’ll leave a comment on you’re blog ^^. So here it was!
    Love ya girl!

  4. 02/12/2009 17:35

    wauwauw, love your pic!
    ik hou van gameboys, heb zelf nog zo’n doorzichtig-paarse gehad!

    xx Anne

  5. 04/12/2009 16:54

    Lauraa! here is a comment with my own blog! Haha, best grappig eigenlijk :’) ik snap helemaal niets van die site! Ik hoop dat je mijn blog even veel volgt als ik die van jou hahahaha!
    Loveeeeeeeee <3

  6. 04/12/2009 21:19

    zalige foto & mooi rokje!

  7. 06/12/2009 15:29

    ik hoop dat het gauw vakantie is, dat die zinloze examens maar rap voorbij gaan!
    dan kan ik je nog eens zien, & kunnen we fototjes maken & other stuff ^^
    xlove E

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