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There happened so much last week..


Hi everyone, first of all, we’re sorry we didn’t make any posts during the week. We were very busy with school. But I’ll give you a little summary about last week. Saturday (21/11) we went to Brussels (surprise surprise.. ^^) to see New Moon, we cried like during the whole film, because it was so emotional! We really love the film because we’re true fans of the twilight saga :). Then Sunday we still had to finish our article about Paris for the school newspaper, so I couldn’t go to the scouts, I was too busy. Luckely we finished it right on time, because the deadline was actually already over ;). Monday, Thuesday and Wednesday were typical schooldays and it’s was quite boring.. Monday we also had our exam geography, but that wasn’t so hard (I think ;p). Then Thursday it was ‘the anniversary’ of our school (it already exists more than 400 years), so in the afternoon we did something with our class. Or actually the class did something, we couldn’t go with them, because we had detention! It was so unfair, because we didn’t even did something that’s was like really wrong.. >< so I’ll tell you what happened: in the morning we had a ceremony in the church, but Manon and me weren’t really in the mood to listen, so we started to write on our papers. On that way we could talk to eachother and we wouldn’t make any noise (everyone happy?) But a teacher was mad at us and he took our papers with him and then we had to go to the school principal (he read all our notes, haha but most of the time we were talking about our blog and about new posts :)) We were like for the first time in our life silent during the ceremony, but the principal didn’t agree with us and he was talking about ‘no respect’ and we had to stay at school in the afternoon just because we were writing instead of speaking.
Great -.- and you know what? We could choose between that afternoon or an afternoon after our exams (when we’ve already holiday actually!). We were like WTF ?!
But of course we didn’t want to go to school in holiday so we stayed that afternoon at school. We had to write 8 A4-papers as punish, while our class went to a pizzeria and a little cafe! We were like really upset, but we couldn’t do anything, of course, school’s always right? >< anywayz, we survived it, even though it wasn’t fair (we think) and luckely our parents also thought the school was wrong in this case! The next day, Friday I was sick, so I stayed at home. Luckely I was feeling much better in the evening because today I went to Antwerp with my mom (we didn’t go to Amsterdam like I said in my previous post.. we’ll go to Amsterdam in January!) We bought so much stuff and it was very fun :). I’m quiet tired now, because it was also very exhausting, but I don’t have much time left, so I’m going to finish this post. In 20 minutes I have to be ready. My friend will pick me up because this evening we have to perform for the audience. It’s our gymgala ;). Take care everyone!

Love, Laura.

I took this picture on Wednesday, because we had nothing to do for Thursday (‘the anniversary’ of our school ;p).

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  1. 29/11/2009 07:06

    I love the picture!

  2. Maïté permalink
    29/11/2009 10:40

    Och arme ! Strafstudie –‘ :(
    IK BEN TEEEEEEEEEE FAAAAAAAN VAN NEW MOON <3 OMG ! :D Ik ben die donerdag gaan zien voor de feest van sint-jan & ik ben nog altijd onder schock van de film omdat ik die zo goed vond ! :D

    Bye bye !

    Succes voor de (kut)examens :'(

  3. 29/11/2009 11:43

    Looks like many things happened in your week,and I do love your black and grey photo! You look so gorgeous<3 <3

  4. 29/11/2009 13:22

    Hii meisjes,
    lang geleden, hoe gaat het?
    Super veel succes met de examens hea!

  5. Selyna permalink
    29/11/2009 19:53

    Pfff oneerlijk gwn van het feest van sint-jan :/

  6. Selyna permalink
    29/11/2009 19:54

    Beautiful picture :)

  7. 30/11/2009 18:10

    danku voor al de reacties !
    Ja, ik had indd al gelezen datge naar antwerpen geweest bent,
    we all love Antwerp ;D.
    Wel in plaats van naar Amsterdam, da’s minder .. zelf ben ik daar ook nog nooit geweest maar ik wil daar zooooieso ook is gaan shoppen ! :D
    supermooie foto ook,


  8. 03/12/2009 19:28

    Pene loves the photo !
    Tu mem manques bordel Lauu ! :(
    Te Quieroooo !

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