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Amsterdam, I’m coming!


Last Saturday when I was in Brussels with Manon and Katrien we went to some shops and I saw soooo much clothes I really want to buy! But of course, I didn’t had much money with me, so yeah.. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! You know what?! Next week, on Saturday, I’m probably going to Amsterdam with my mom! A whole day of shopping, I’m so excited :). Then I’ll buy so much clothes! So that’s why I already started looking for some inspirations, check it out!

Love, Laura.





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  1. 22/11/2009 22:35

    ooh have fun in amsterdam!

  2. 23/11/2009 07:21

    You are going to have so much fun there! I’m so envious of you:)

  3. Hannah permalink
    27/11/2009 19:41

    that’s sooooooooo cool, really!
    &I love the skirts on the first picture ;)

  4. 28/11/2009 02:58

    Sounds like fun!!
    Love all these pictures. I have the pink tutu in the first picture actually! haha!

  5. 30/11/2009 19:47

    How was Amsterdam? I lovelovelove the city ^^
    Wat heb je gekocht? Waarschijnlijk super mooie & leuke kleertjes

    love you darling ;p <3

  6. 30/11/2009 19:53

    oooh, kei somt :( maarja, apen is ook leuk ^
    okay, tword leuk, na die domme examens ! ;p

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