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Laura & Manon in class


Thursday we made a lot of films in class (we had biology, so boring and Laura’s cellphone/camera was in her pencil case). Yesterday I put everything together in 1 film. I just downloaded AVS ‘Video Editor’ (a non-activated version) and when the film was finally ready I realize that when I’ll upload the film on youtube there will be a watermark banner in the center of the film! So stupid. I just had to know that before ^^
Anyway, I still uploaded the film, so check it out :) And sorry again for that AAAAAARGH watermark banner! :)
Lots of loveee – Manon

Btw, Manon is on the left & Laura is on the right :)

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  1. 25/10/2009 16:03

    dankje voor je reactie
    jullie hebben een leuke blog!

  2. Geraldine permalink
    25/10/2009 17:40

    amaaaaaazing video haha, love it :)

  3. Anonymous permalink
    25/10/2009 18:06

    haha dat is echt grappig! bedankt voor je reacties! xo

  4. 25/10/2009 18:08

    Dit is echt een grappig filmpje, bij ons is het meestal ook zo saai..
    bedankt voor je reacties! xo

  5. Selyna permalink
    25/10/2009 20:34

    Haa te goed ^^

  6. 26/10/2009 05:50

    re: it’s like 20-25 degrees in the day here still.. well its been colder too, but the last week its been awesome :D
    Yey fun video ! Love video updates :)

  7. 26/10/2009 17:46

    super cute video!

  8. 27/10/2009 08:22

    Haha! Funny video!

  9. Charline permalink
    20/11/2009 17:07

    BIATCH! en mijn meesterlijke uitval in het midden?!
    haha :p
    keileuke video ;)

  10. Natali permalink
    24/02/2010 20:48

    Haha zaalig fimpke xD!

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