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Thunder, lightning and lots of rain!


Wohoow, today it was (and it still is) like raining sooooo hard in Belgium.
It’s scary.. the thunder, lighting and lots of rain while we’re learning religion (now you’re thinking: your really have to LEARN religion?!), indeed, we have to learn everything about paternalism, determinism, autonomy, depressions etc.. It’s a little bit freaky actually :)

But now I’ll show you some pictures still from Monday in Leuven.
I know they are more like “ambiance-pictures” (haha how do we say that? :)) but yeah whatever..

xoxo. manon

manon's bday 005

(haha I’ve X-legs or something :D)

Laura - Manon

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 08/10/2009 01:43

    I love the outfits in these pictures!

  2. 08/10/2009 07:12

    I want red tights!!
    You guys look great. Hope the weather got better!

  3. 09/10/2009 19:33

    Ha dankuwel ;d
    euhm bowlen, squashen,thai-boksen en muurklimmen.;)
    En dan nog 25 km heen en 25 km terug fietsen


  4. 12/10/2009 14:45

    rode panty’s!<3

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