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And outside it was raining.


my birthday

Sunday it was my birthday and like I said before, family was coming. And haha, on the third picture, you can see the candles “1 and 5” so together that’s 15, yeah :) It was a very nice day!
In the evening Laura came and the next day (Monday, we had no school) we went to Leuven. We went to some shops and later we watched the movie Final Destination 4! It’s a cool movie, but actually I thought it would be better, anyway I had so much fun that day!

But.. today it was raining! And I was in a mood to take pictures but I prefer taking pictures outside, but because of the rain that wasn’t possible, so I just took some pictures inside.

On the second picture you can see my ring I was wearing on the pic above (from Six), our film ticket for Final Destination 4 and our new “friendship-necklace” we bought in H&M when we were in Leuven. xoxo. Manon

Btw, today Laura and I were looking to make a movie at school for putting on the blog, but it didn’t work out! Haha, remember we’re in kind of a strict school? ;) But maybe next time!

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  1. Geraldine permalink
    06/10/2009 21:09

    haha die pose, is het nie omda u ring anders uitvalt ?
    grapje , ma woow ja we hebbe die ring same gekocht ofzo nie? moooi!

  2. 07/10/2009 02:44

    Thanks sweetie ! :)
    Oh 6.30 is so early. ok, I usually go up at 7, so it’s not that much later,, but like it is tooo early haha..

    Oh HAPPY Birthday !! :D :D
    Hope you had the best day ever !! :)

  3. Marion permalink
    07/10/2009 17:07

    Just for saying, I looooove your blog !
    And … “Today” (the 6th) I came to your school, remember :)
    Looove you guys !
    Always in my heart !
    And see you saturday, don’t forget!
    Can’t wait !

  4. Charline permalink
    08/10/2009 20:13

    a movie at school? you didn’t told me that :)

  5. 08/10/2009 22:35

    i like the accessories… and hapy b-lated birthday

    Vi from Cali

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