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Hoi pipeloi!

Laura here, today my parents got back home after a little week of vacation, what means I was a whole week  alone with my brother. It was actually cool to be home without my parents, some friends came over Tuesday, so we took a lot of pictures and made some videos. Wednesday I went to the riding school with my friend, Anais, and in the evening friends of my brother came to our house. It was a very busy week, but it sure was awesome! The only annoying thing was that I had a lot of work for school, so I had to study too.. I’m really tired of school lately; we have so much tests, I have to get up very early and the teachers are sometimes really boring! ;o But yeah, we (Manon and me) will both survive it, I’m glad that Manon is in my class at school, so I can laugh a lot ;D.

This is one of the videos I made with my friends, I doubled the speed, because our dialogues are really stupid. I’m that overexcited girl with the skirt.. and we were going crazy on the music ;)

Take care, Laura.

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  1. 03/10/2009 02:44

    I am so tired of school too! :/

  2. Charline permalink
    08/10/2009 20:06

    omg laura, you’re sooo funny :’)

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