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Polaroids full of mmrs.


Today I selected some pictures to put on my school diary
(and first I “convert” the pictures to polaroids -> ♥)
And when I saw all these pictures I was like: omg, good times! Haha :)
I’ll show you some:
polaroid - hannahgeraldinemanon polaroid - lauramanon polaroid - katrienlauramanon polaroid - hannahgeraldinemanon polaroid manonlouiseluna polaroid - lauramanon

desktop full of polaroids

Haha, my desktop full of polaroids! :)

Later, Manon!

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  1. 17/09/2009 20:20

    Tof! Polaroids zijn zo fijn. :D

  2. 17/09/2009 22:49

    I love polaroids, and I love your pictures!

  3. 18/09/2009 00:31

    Nice shots !! Love polaroids ! :)

    Well, I knew I always wanted to come to california/the US, and au pair is the easiest way (if u get a good family that is…) to come here- or well the cheapest way too :P and well I could have been placed anywhere, but the family I chose was here, so thats why :)

  4. Hannah! permalink
    19/09/2009 07:07

    Omgg, that’s awesome! :D

  5. Hannah! permalink
    19/09/2009 07:08

    &idd that are the good mmrs!
    Imissthem, so much! but where gonna make new one, next summer, haha ;d

  6. Hannah! permalink
    19/09/2009 07:14

    Imiss the good memories, so much!
    But we’re gonna make new mmrs, next summer, haha ;d

  7. 19/09/2009 11:53

    oooh die zijn echt supermooi! danku voor al u reacties ! x

  8. Geraldine permalink
    06/10/2009 20:26

    This is beautiful Manon! :)
    Wow omgosh, my first comment on your blog I think :o

  9. Clara permalink
    07/11/2009 15:37

    Hey, the link that you gave for converting the pictures into “polaroid” doesn’t work :s ! Can you give me the website to my e-mail adress ? Thank you :-) !
    You have a very nice blog :D but are you from Brussels ?

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