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Manon is dreaming about …


A watch like this!

timex watch

Seen at ‘le blog de betty’ (btw, I love that outfit so much! -> [the whole outfit!])
leblogdebetty leblogdebetty
© Le Blog de Betty

I want such a watch! ;o It even doesn’t have to work for me, it may be a bad watch, that doesn’t matter, haha :)

This pocket watch (haha, a watch again!)
pocket watch pocket watch

Forget all those other pocket watches, this is the one I need! :o
But why are the shipping prices always so expensive? :(

H&M H&M H&M! ö

scarf :).

I loveeeeeee it! <3

Much loveeeeee ♥
Take care everyone (:

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  1. 14/09/2009 23:07

    I love the colors on the first watch!

  2. 15/09/2009 01:49

    Thank uuuu :) And yey lucky me for sure ! the killers rooocked !
    omg THAT watch is unbelievebly cool ! :D Love it
    And yes ! I do thnk you should go live somewhere else in a few years- you wont regret it !

  3. 15/09/2009 18:03

    Aw wat een lief berichtje van jullie! Jullie site is ook helemaal top. Leuke handschoentjes ZO cute! En oh ik wil ook zon ronde sjaal!

  4. 15/09/2009 23:32

    Love love love those H&M gloves. They are adorable!!

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