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Back to school!


Yes, like you just read, we have to go back to school.. and that’s so stupid! We just finished our second day at school today and it was soooo boring. I really forget how boring school could be.

Btw: today we made a twitter account for our blog, please follow us, so we can follow your blog too ;).

Love, Laura.


school diary and stuff.

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  1. 02/09/2009 17:31

    Oh my goodness. I totally relate! I start school tomorrow and I know it will be super boring. Sad.

  2. 02/09/2009 17:43

    I really like your shirt :).

  3. Selyna permalink
    02/09/2009 18:01

    Pfff schoool :(

  4. Selyna permalink
    02/09/2009 18:01

    Borring boorring booorring o_O

  5. Eva permalink
    12/09/2009 21:46

    ja inderdaad, ik heb al 2 spreekbeurten in het vooruitzicht, joepie!
    dankje, maar ik ga mijn header een van de komende weken veranderen, vind hem niet super :D zalige agenda trouwens! is die van je school zelf?

  6. Charlynn permalink
    19/09/2009 15:11

    OMG laura! I so much like that picture (:

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