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Summer holiday is almost over!




Do we really have to wait 1 year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 265 days… before summer time starts again? I really don’t like that fact :(
Pictures taken by me a few days ago.

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  1. 27/08/2009 13:50

    Nice shots. I love the summer.

  2. 27/08/2009 16:49

    Hihi Thanks !!! :D
    Oh, these photos are lovely ! And too bad summer holiday is almost over, huh !!

  3. 27/08/2009 19:27

    the second picture is reaaally pretty (:

  4. 27/08/2009 20:10

    love the pictures. ahh sad to say goodbye to summer :(

  5. 28/08/2009 03:01

    yeah, it’s such a shame summer is ending;(
    lovely pictures;)))

  6. 29/08/2009 00:56

    your photographs are always gorgeous :) and i don’t mind summer ending.. i can’t wait to get this academic year over and done with, because then i’ll FINALLY be finished with my GCSEs and i can go to sixth form, where they wear non-uniform EVERYDAY :)
    i’m glad you like my blog :) i fancy being a funny guy when i’ll older, a comedian on the side hahahaa. it wouldn’t work but we can all dream.
    x x x x x x

  7. 29/08/2009 07:49

    beautiful pics !! i know !! im gonna miss summer sooo much !!!

  8. 30/08/2009 01:10

    I really love the photograph of the rain on the window. How did you take it? If I did that, I’d get a reflection…

    Ah, yeah, it is too bad that summer is ending, but autumn can be wonderful as well!

  9. 30/08/2009 14:26

    Hello, girls! How are You, how was Your summer?:)
    Lovely pictures! It’s so sad that summer has passed too fast and, as always, I haven’t enjoyed it enough. These days I really feel like it’s over because of the weather. In Lithuania the nights are getting colder and it’s really windy. Anyway, we have to wait just for 265 days and then – hurray, summer of 2010!:))
    btw, sorry for not commenting Your posts lately. I had to rethink a lot of things and that’s why all the thing about blogs was frozen.

  10. 31/08/2009 22:46

    Well summer is leaving but guess what?
    Fall is just around the corner.
    ♥ julie

  11. 06/09/2009 15:17

    love the second pic..!!

  12. Charlynn permalink
    19/09/2009 15:12

    you’re so good at it :D

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