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Laura live from Italy


Buona sera a tutti,

Laura here, writing a post about my holiday in Italy when I’m still in Italy. Since yesterday I found out that I have internet in this apartment, so I just coudn’t resist to not write a post on this blog. I’m here in Italy since the 3th of August, so that’s already 13 days now :). It has been awesome! I’m staying untill the 25th of August, so my holiday isn’t over yet, yihaa! ^^ Last week Victoria was here and we had so much fun! It’s already the 3th time this year that I go on holiday with her, so she’s really a good friend of mine ;). She left Italy monday and now a friend of my brother is here. But however, I made a little film this week (that was the only thing I thought I could do without having internet on my computer). The film is called ‘heroes in Italy’ because during the week she was here, we watched the first season from heroes and we were like die-hardfans :’). So sometimes we acted like we were flying women (like Nathan and Peter Petrelli in heroes) and that was hilarious! We also wakeboarded, because we have a boat here, not a speedboat, but not a yacht either, something between. Weekendcruiser called, but you’ll probably not know that ;D. But now I’m going to end this post, because otherwise it will be to long to read everything :’).

Ciaoo, Laura.

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  1. 17/08/2009 00:59

    I love the video! So pretty. If you get a chance, could you update my link please? Thanks!


  2. 18/08/2009 22:29

    Hey check out my blog I’ve given you an award!

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