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Unit 2 – Italy


Heyaa everybody! I’m back from Italy and it was amazing! But tomorrow I’m leaving again for France (1 week) and Switzerland (4 nights) and Italy (The city Torrino, 2 nights), so I haven’t a lot of time to write a long text or other posts, sorry.. (also to Laura who made great posts when I wasn’t there! :))

Donc, about mon voyage in Italy (haha, I travelled with my cousin who speaks French):
I was in CINQUE TERRE (does anybody know this region?) It means five lands and the Cinque Terre are five perilously-perched villages strung along a short stretch of cliffs (haha ok, that’s a definition from google ;)). So it’s a very beautiful region and the weather was very good. I swam every day in the sea (a beautiful, blue, transparency sea :D) I also saw a lot of teenagers who were traveling in groups and when I saw them I really thought, oh gosh that’s soooo nice, once I really want to make a trip to a country with a lot of friends or with a group with people you don’t know :) I bought in the city LA SPEZIA (it’s a city near to the Cinque Terre)  a jumpsuit and shoes (we didn’t shop a lot, just once..) Now I’ll show some pictures I took:



It’s a little bit an architecture picture, don’t you think? :)



Every night there was a very beautiful sunset!


The seaaaaaaa :)

I took much more pictures (1300 so.. ;)) but that’s not so interesting for you :’)
You also don’t see any pictures where I’m on (haha it’s like I haven’t been there, secretly I took all these pictures from flickr! haha not :D) But my aunt made also lots of pictures with her camera where I’m on the picture, so maybe once I’ll show you them! :)

Okee, now I really have to put the last things in my suitcases and close them. CIAAAAOOO!
Greeeeeetz, Manon.

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  1. 20/07/2009 18:08

    thanks! mijn vakantie was echt geweldig. En zo te lezen en te zien aan de foto’s die van jou ook! :)

  2. 13/08/2009 20:05

    en weer prachtige foto’s

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