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Manon is on holiday!


Hyee folks! Laura here, Manon left Belgium today to go on holiday, so now I’m all alone to work on our blog ^^. Haha, ok, today I’m very spastic, nevermind ;D. Yesterday Anais, a good friend of me, came to my home and we had a lot of fun! She broke my micro and did lots of other ridiculious things, but that was so funny! Sorry that I wont be able to make a lot of posts (sorry to Manon to! ;)), but I have a very busy week and since a week I’ve got a boyfriend ^^. Haha, I’ll see him tomorrow <3. I’ll try to write a post about him one day, so you guys know something more about him :).

Love, Laura.

laura and anais

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  1. 07/07/2009 05:18

    Sounds like lots of fun :) Ooh a bf! You will defenitley have to post about him!

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