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2 months, 8 weeks, 62 days, 1488 hours, 5356800 seconds (?) holiday!
WOHOOOOOOW. It’s just amazing.

Manon - Louise



Today I took some pictures with Louise.

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  1. 27/06/2009 15:33

    thanks sweetie :)
    hihi yes, a marathon would sure be a challenge! but I would love it :P
    Oh lovely pix-.. love the black n white :)

  2. 27/06/2009 17:21

    great photos. beautifully captured :}
    I’m on a school holiday too! I’m really happy now.

  3. 29/06/2009 06:53

    these photos are great! yay for vacation!

  4. Louise permalink
    29/06/2009 14:02

    Darling it was amazing with you, the last 3 days!
    I had so much fun, and i got to now you better.
    I hope you have a lovely vacation, enoy the sun.
    I hope we’ll talk on skype, and by the way my skype name
    is just: “louise dujardin”. So darling, see you! :)

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