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Crazy day!



Héa people! Omgosh, this day was so funny ^^. The day started very early because I already took a train at 7 pm, but when I arrived at school Victoria was already there with some other friends so we had a lot of fun! :) Then we had very boring lessons -like always..! ;) But at noon I had a great time! We had a break of 2 houres because there was a football game. During that game Louise and I kind of started going crazy and we gave our autograph to more than 50 people I guess! We thought it was funny to start talking with people we don’t know and gave them our autograph! ^^ We also song a lot in different styles (with styles I mean like singing out of tone or singing a classic song in a metal way or something like that :’)). Hahah! Actually it was just a crazy day! :D

Love, Laura x 

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  1. Selyna permalink
    09/06/2009 19:43

    Yes a crazy day , kheb da wel gemerkt :p

  2. Selyna permalink
    09/06/2009 19:44

    Ma kheb da ni gezien van die handtekeningen :( spijtig :p

  3. Selyna permalink
    09/06/2009 19:44

    Ly <3

  4. Selyna permalink
    09/06/2009 19:44

    Beatifuul Pictuuure x3

  5. 10/06/2009 06:25

    sounds like a crazy,fun day!

  6. Louise permalink
    11/06/2009 09:59

    Manon & Laura:

    I’m so so sorry that i didn’t commented on your blog
    the last few monts, but you know why. Don’t have a pc,
    don’t have the time. But The NOTT Blog is always so
    pretty: “you girls, have stile!” <3

  7. Lara permalink
    11/06/2009 10:03

    Beautiful picture <3.

  8. 11/06/2009 21:42

    love the gate <3

  9. Selyna permalink
    16/06/2009 14:54

    LOveeee youre pictuuuuuure x3 :)

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