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all about H&M


Hi folks! ^^ Instead of writing a normal post about clothes from different shops, I thought it was kinda cool to only search clothes from one brand, and today that brand is H&M! Everybody knows this shop, so if you like some of these clothes (I hope so ;)), you can go get them probably in the H&M at your country.

Love, Laura.


 ML745_0023_077R_69788 ML710_0005_084_68945 ML705_0598_060R_68454

ML705_0280_190R_67204 ML725_0017_102R_68240 ML710_0057_096R_68207

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  1. 05/06/2009 16:45

    u don’t have to appoligize, your comment just make me sooo happy :D So Thank you! :)
    And life in the us is going fantastic- I’m lovin it =)
    You got summer break soon or?

  2. 06/06/2009 18:44

    Hello girls!

    Thanks for all your lovely comments it always makes me smile

    I’ve been following your blog too, it’s just has such a happy vibe

    Loving all the photos

    I like the first top and the bag in this post!

  3. 07/06/2009 03:12

    Yeaa :D
    Oh nice… well, good luck on your exams then :)
    I don’t really know.. I mean, I don’t really now how I will be working, but I know I will have a few weeks off from the end of june… :P

  4. 08/06/2009 23:28

    I adore the first top

  5. Selyna permalink
    17/06/2009 17:39

    H&M <3

  6. Selyna permalink
    17/06/2009 17:39

    Die kleren zijn kei mooi =)

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