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100 things to do in one year <3


A week ago I made a list with my friend, Victoria, with 100 things we have to do in one year. We had so much fun with inventing all those things because it’s sometimes just so funny! :’) Here are some things from our list ^^ :

– find a boyfriend ^^

– kissing somebody we don’t know

– go swimming at night

– going to school with every nail in a different color

– going again together on holiday (Italy in August :))

– stealing a traffic sign to put in our room

– eating 5 chocotoffs in one time

– watching 5 films on the same day

– going to Brussels dressed in a princess 

– texting with eachother during a whole lesson hour

– going to take pictures in a huge grass-land

– going to a football game together

– and lots of other weird, ridicules .. things! :D

  cool pic

that’s not a picture of us :’)


4 Comments leave one →
  1. Selyna permalink
    30/05/2009 16:46

    Ha kei goe die lijst! :D

  2. 31/05/2009 20:44

    haha oh how nice. leuke plannen!
    en dankjewel voor de reactie :)

  3. 31/05/2009 21:05

    those are really great! you will defenitley have fun doing those things! :)

  4. 03/06/2009 22:45

    Really fun idea….should try that!

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