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Summerholiday, here we come! :)


Still 3 weeks before the exams begin and 4 weeks before holiday starts!
Can you believe it? JUST 4 WEEEEEEKS & THEN WE’VE SUMMERRRRHOLIDAYS! Ok, now I’m getting totally crazy! :)



Do you still remember how the summer feels?
Lie in a field full of  flowers with music (oh gosh, how amazing! :)), traveling, taking A LOT of pictures, no stress for homework or whatever, shopping, swimming (because normally the weather is awesome!), reading magazines, searching for new and great music, running, going to festivals, etc etc …
These things make me already happy! :)

Have a nice weekend everyone! Lots of lovee, Manon xxx

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  1. Selyna permalink
    30/05/2009 16:47

    Summmer summmer x)

  2. 01/06/2009 23:55

    ahh can’t waittt for summer! thanks for the comment, you are too nice :0

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