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It feels like summer. Whihaaaaaa!


Summer ?


Summer ?

The weather is AMAAAAAAAAAAAAZING in Belgium! :)
And you? What’s the weather like?

Sunny greeeeeetings from a happy girl! :]

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  1. 23/05/2009 18:35

    weeral mooie foto’s ! :D

  2. 23/05/2009 19:27

    Dankjeweeeeel! Leuke foto’s :]

  3. 24/05/2009 04:07

    These photos are so cute! And the weather in L.A. is nice and sunny too. I love it!

  4. 25/05/2009 12:04

    you’re looking very pretty in that hat!
    i sure wish sydney’s weather was half as pleasant right now…
    it’s all soggy autumn leaves and unpredictable raining ! yucky.
    hope you enjoy that sun :)

  5. 28/05/2009 12:27

    oh echt leuke foto’s! high summer factory. Vind ze leuk! :)

  6. 08/06/2009 23:25

    The weather here in Arizona Is very Hot, but today is a windy day.
    Lovely outfit, love your straw hat.

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