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Wednessday 20th Of May


Yesterday I went to a good friend to have a film-afternoon, but actually, we only saw one film because we also went in the pool because the sun was shining etc.. :) I had so much fun, but I can’t write a very long post now because I have to leave in a few minutes to go to another friend :’). Today and tomorrow we have no school, that means that we have a long weekend of 4 days! :D I already planned lots of stuff but I hope I can also make some posts this weekend ^^

Love, Laura ♥

britt, laura

britt, laura laura, britt


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  1. 21/05/2009 15:13

    Oh Thank you ! :) hihi..
    Oh, soo nice- no school !! That’s something to enjoy- hey :D ANythign special planned?

  2. 21/05/2009 21:21

    toffe foto’s ! :D


  3. 23/05/2009 14:22

    whoaah.. you two must have so muchh fun =))

  4. 123winnie permalink
    04/06/2009 16:23

    Thankyouthankyou for all your comments (:. I ♥ your blog hehe (:. Good luck met de examens! <333

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