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Konnichiwa folks!

On the moment that I’m writing this text, I’m sitting here in the classroom & it’s fucking quit…! Kind of annoying I think :’). Whatever, normally I should be studying now, but I’m not in the mood and I want to write a post now ;). So this article is about diversity, because now we’re talking a lot of it during the lessons Dutch at school. We even had to take pictures about that theme, but I found that rather fun to do ;D. When I think about diversity I especially think about you people, because even though we’re all from different countries & maybe you don’t even know where Belgium is situated -it’s a very small country ;)- we all appriciate eachothers articles, way of thinking, style of clothes, pictures etc… So I also want to thank you all because we both already learned a lot about several people of blogs! But now I’m going to stop writing, because there isn’t much time left untill the break and I still have to learn some vocabulary for Latin.

Love, Laura x


These are our pictures about the theme diversity, btw: I don’t dress myself like on the pictures ;). Most of the things are even from my brother and I just wore it for the pictures ^^

(first one is from Manon & the second from me)

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  1. 29/04/2009 15:23

    hihi thanks voor je reacties.
    Het jurkje is van Vila. Maar ik kocht het in de Vero Moda winkel!

  2. 30/04/2009 00:06

    Owwww dear- you’re the sweetest honey ! Thank u, thank u, thank u !! :D
    Yea, it was SOOO hot a few days there- now it’s a bit more “normal” haha…
    Hope you had a great vaccation ? :)
    Take care sweetie. And remember- you just made my day now :) :)

  3. 30/04/2009 04:55

    wow . you look very pretty . beautiful sist :))
    by the way, thanks for leaving a cute comment on my blog too . really nice that we can be friend .

  4. 02/05/2009 12:55

    Wat een leuke post!
    De foto’s zijn echt geweldig – van emo naar kakkertje, hahaha.
    Ik vind jullie blog ook echt hartstikke koel.
    Ik denk dat ik jullie bij mijn lijst ga toevoegen.

  5. 08/05/2009 03:13

    Cute pictures, love the field one! And thanks for stopping by on my blog!

  6. Selyna permalink
    12/05/2009 17:13

    Ooh die collage is mooi! :D
    heb ik dus al zeker enele keren gezeged :p
    mbon :)
    die middelste foto heb ik het liefst ;p

  7. Selyna permalink
    12/05/2009 17:13

    Belgium => very small country :p

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