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Arrghhh too much work!


this is a picture of a paper that we made together a long time ago, it’s funny to see it now :)

Laura & Manon

Hello people! Again.. we haven’t really worked a lot on our blog lately, but that’s because we have lots of work for school. We only have 9 weeks of school left with the exams included! So now all the teachers have to give lots of tests and homework… We also have a huge assignment for geography, informatics and Dutch. It’s the biggest assignment of the year and normally you have to work 2 months to get it finish, but of course we just started and we only have 2 weeks left.. So that’s the reason why we haven’t much time. But after we finished, we’ll make lots of posts, promised! ^^

Lots of love from both x

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  1. 26/04/2009 12:09

    so cute !! thanks for all the nice comments ! made me smile :-)

    I wish you good luck w/ your tests, it’s the period here too, really sucks !

  2. Selyna permalink
    27/04/2009 20:29

    oh ja die taak van aa ! :(

  3. Selyna permalink
    27/04/2009 20:30

    Wij ziin ook, laat begonnen hoor :p
    Fain ik denk iedereen hoor :D

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