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Good-bye sun, Hello Belgium! :’)


Heey Heey Heey there!                                                                                                                                                Laura here ^^, I just arrived back home from Barcelona & France. It was awesome! Barcelona is so cool for shopping, so I bought lots of dresses and stuff. I’ve also been to the hardrock café, what I really liked because I’m quite a fan of rock music, so it was so cool to see all the guitars from those celebrities! :]  The people in Barcelona weren’t really nice with us because we couldn’t speak Spanish, ’cause we said all the time “no entiendo” [we don’t understand you]. We even took a tourist bus that drove all around Barcelona – that was so funny! :’)  In brief, it was amazing & I did lots of things! :D



Laura at the river


Laura & Victoria

we took lots of other pictures, but Victoria still got them, so I’ll put them on our blog Monday or Thursday! ^^

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  1. 123winnie permalink
    19/04/2009 12:07

    Jaaa inderdaad ‘t is zoo’n verschrikkelijke gedachte dat we morgen deze tijd allebei aan de schoolbanken zitten ;D. Maarrr laten we veel bloggen en veel leuke dingen plannen dan slaan we er ons wel door (Y) ;). & je foto’s zijn echt heel spontaan & zomers! xxx

  2. Selyna permalink
    19/04/2009 13:21

    Ha goodbye sun :p

  3. Selyna permalink
    19/04/2009 13:22

    Allé het was precies goed in Barcelona & France :)

  4. Selyna permalink
    19/04/2009 13:22

    Mooie fotos :)

  5. Selyna permalink
    19/04/2009 13:23

    Trug school morgn :( , mbon dan zien we elkaar trug :)

  6. Kathy permalink
    19/04/2009 18:29

    die tweede foto is weeral prachtiig :’)

  7. 20/04/2009 01:12

    I like all your pictures! Can’t wait to see more!

  8. 20/04/2009 12:32

    aa…barcelona..I envy you ;-)

  9. Victoria permalink
    20/04/2009 17:33

    it was sooooo greaat !

  10. 20/04/2009 19:40

    dankjeweeeel!, mooie foto’s trouwens :] xx

  11. 21/04/2009 17:45

    Cute pictures! and I’v always wanted to visit Barcelona!

  12. electricdreamsx permalink
    22/04/2009 20:40

    those pictures are gorgeous :)
    barcelona sounds amazing, i went for a day in 2007 when we were on a cruise… it wasnt long enough!
    x x x x

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