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Old stuff etc.




The last months I really like old stuff! [or like Josie says: retro (stuff)! ^^]

At the first picture you can see an old clock and at the second picture there’s a diary from my mother when she was young. But she didn’t write in it. Haha, that’s also something typical for me: I buy a cute, really nice diary, but I don’t write in it.. I think I don’t do that because it’s too beautiful :) Actually I don’t know ^^

Do you guys also have this? Or is this because I’m a weird person maybe? :)

Whatever, now I’m going to the sea until Wednesday or Thursday, so I see you later guys! :) Ciao everyone!

xoxo, Manon.

Just a last thing: Arctic Monkeys – From the Ritz to the Rubble!

Omg, I want to see them liveeeee! :)

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  1. 13/04/2009 15:21

    Old stuff is great ! I’m always thinking- what history does this thing have, or could have :P Nice pictures too

    And thank you ! yes, SF is quite a city, indeed :)

  2. 13/04/2009 16:17

    Wow I love that notebook :) So cute.

  3. 13/04/2009 20:41

    It makes me so happy to know that I am not the only one who spends countless amounts of cash on lovely diaries/journals, then hides them away in a closet without ever writing in them for fear that I will damage their beauty. :)

  4. 13/04/2009 22:49

    arctic monkeys are playing leeds fest <333
    i’m not going :'( not allowed, GAY.
    tah for the free advertising :) teehee kiddinggg.
    x x x x

  5. 14/04/2009 00:02

    love your mum´s diary! but if it´s empty, is not interesant…hehehe


  6. 123winnie permalink
    14/04/2009 07:52

    hyeee! Ik hou echt van deze blog, de foto’s zijn superleuk! Ik ben nog maar net begonnen met m’n WordPress maar hopelijk volgen er veel meer foto’s etc (;. Geniet nog van de vakantie! xxx

  7. 14/04/2009 16:47

    I really like old, retro stuff too. There is something very charming about something that has had a life before it reaches your hands.

  8. 15/04/2009 02:22

    I love old “retro” stuff, its fun to collect until you have way too much stuff. Nevertheless cute!

  9. 15/04/2009 03:21

    Thanks love ! :) :) Yea, SF’s cool :D
    Adoreable pix, ey !! :) Love old stuff too ! And Artic M r great :)

  10. 15/04/2009 21:50

    oh that clock is so cute!!!

  11. 16/04/2009 12:01

    OMG that diary is supercute! I want one too!

  12. 16/04/2009 16:04

    Hihi Thaaaanx ! If you have to opportunity, you really should visit them all ! It’s an experience ! =)

  13. 18/04/2009 09:19

    Ik heb een oud houten doosje van mijn moeder, met exact die tekening op die ook op jouw dagboek staat! Wat grappig :)

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