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Some must-haves by Laura


Howdy! Summer is coming, so I thought it’s also the perfect time to search some cool things for your wardrobe! :) Check out what I found:

a cool pair of sunglasses [Fredflare, $11]

picnic sunglasses

gladiator sandals [Pierre Hardy]

Pierre Hardy

a cute litlle dress [Asos]

summer dress summer dress

oversized blouses [H&M € 90,-]

oversized blouse


toutes des couleurs <3

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  1. 06/04/2009 22:40

    Oh these sunglasses are to die for! I love them both.

  2. 06/04/2009 22:41

    So agreed =)!!!

  3. 07/04/2009 02:10

    what a great selection of summer things! THe colors are so bright and wonderful, and the other pieces I’m starting to crave :)


  4. 07/04/2009 03:42

    hey, I gave you an award! Check it out.

  5. 07/04/2009 15:17

    Thank youuuuu !!! :D :D Hihi
    I wouldn’t say 19 is especially cool, though haha… Although I’m not complaining ;)
    I’m from Sweden, so my first language is Swedish… Well, I came to the united states only 6 months ago, actually. So, I got my swedish licence when I was 18… and now I had to take a californian one… But yea, people here can get there licence at the age of 16 (which I must say is a bit early.. and the system they are using here is ridiculious… it’s soo easy -and cheap- to get it.. at least compared to Sweden hehe)..

    Dude ! I love the colorcollage !! :D
    Take care :)

  6. 07/04/2009 20:47

    aaah those glasses give a sweet twist on the raybans of summer 2008 don’t they? and of course gladiator sandals deserve a comeback as well :)
    x x x x x

  7. 07/04/2009 22:05

    Oh okey..
    Well.. hm.. haha.. I wouldn’t say it’s a remarkable different between the countries… I mean, I feel like everyone is so obsessed over america and “it’s so cool, and great and everythin” , you know, but I feel like it’s same in the end anyways. People here are people too, you know… But what I like here, is that people are very social, and friendly and open and stuff… Like random people can just come up to you and start chatting :P Which I like- sweden is nothing like that at all..
    And I mean, what u see on TV is all the glamourus stuff and I mean in some areas life’s like that, I guess haha… But, still- if u look at ur own country there’s different parts too :P
    What I do like also is that there is soooo much to see and do here.. So many attractions, so much more entertainment and stuff.. and like many stores are open ’til like 10pm and stuff..
    Okey, maybe this was a little bit unneccesary long, but haha.. sorry ;D
    Take care ! =)

  8. 09/04/2009 09:02

    :) Thanks for you nice comment on my blog! I love this post, you have some very beautiful photos!!


  9. Selyna permalink
    10/04/2009 18:44

    Indeed tis bna zomer , tis tijd da w enieuwe kleren kopen ! :D

  10. Selyna permalink
    10/04/2009 18:45

    Die brillen zijn mooi :)
    De rest ook ze :p

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