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our model victoria!

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaah, today our vacation begins!  :]                                                                                                   Yesterday we received our school bulletin, so now the real vacation can start! ;)   Two weeks no teachers, no tests, no school!  Omgosh, we’re like soooo happy now :’).                                                     Haha, for the picture Laura photographed our good friend Victoria.

Cheers! x

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  1. 04/04/2009 13:02

    great shoot!:D

  2. 04/04/2009 17:13

    She’s so cute! I want her sunglasses.

    Thanks :) I love making headers, I change it way more often than I should haha

  3. 04/04/2009 17:31

    I’m in vacation too ! Thanks for your comment ! great blog !

  4. 04/04/2009 18:07

    Have fun too ! Love the picture !

  5. Adela permalink
    04/04/2009 18:21

    i love the contrast of the bright green dress and pink sunnies! =)

  6. 04/04/2009 21:02

    Ha, nice photo!;D
    Spring vacation probably is one of the best things at school life! It’s so good that vacation brang nice weather on it’s way:) The weather here is very good too, it’s not as warm as in Belgium (there were 15 degrees), but everything’s so beautiful and every sunshine makes me feel happy!:))
    Hope You’ll enjoy Your vacation and have fun!
    Best wishes,

  7. 04/04/2009 22:19

    Have a fun vacation! Mine is just ending :(

    Thanks for your lovely comments, I lovvee your blog too!!


  8. 04/04/2009 23:15

    SV: Thank you so so much :D :D

  9. 05/04/2009 01:08

    nope. I took it from flickr. anyway, thanks for your comments. I’m really happy, dear :D

  10. 05/04/2009 01:21

    Owww thank u so much !! I’m glad u like ’em ! :D
    And youre cool btw ! Have a GREAT vaccation!

  11. 05/04/2009 07:30

    Thanx for th visit and love the shots! I will be back again and have a great vaaaacation

  12. 05/04/2009 12:29

    ik heb jullie getagged :D

  13. 05/04/2009 13:22

    dankje voor je comment!
    ik wil ook vakantie!

  14. 05/04/2009 14:35

    Bedankt voor de lieve comment!
    Echt superleuk dat jullie samen een blog hebben en hele vrolijke foto, krijg er echt een voorjaarsgevoel van!


  15. 05/04/2009 15:04

    Adorable photo! I love the sunnies.

  16. 05/04/2009 15:33

    Enjoy your beautiful freedom :)

  17. 05/04/2009 17:00

    ja hier ook! alleen moet ik helaas nog een hele tijd wachten voor de vakantie! grrr

  18. 05/04/2009 17:54

    Thanx again :D hihi
    No, I have it next week, acctually… my parents are coming and visiting so I’m excited :D
    U have any plans? =)

  19. 05/04/2009 18:31

    Lucky! I want to be on vacation now too. :)
    And I love how you girls all look like super models in your photos! Very cool. Hehe.

  20. 05/04/2009 19:21

    Lucky you! Enjoy your vacation =) I love the outfit! It reminds me a little of Lacoste’s ads haha floating in midair with fantastic clothes =)

  21. 05/04/2009 20:33

    that green dress seems really beautiful !

  22. 06/04/2009 06:37

    Congrats on making it to break! I love this picture. The sunnies, dress and shoes are all so perfect!

  23. 06/04/2009 06:45

    Sounds cool ! how fun !
    I’m 19- turning 20 this year… :) Nice, yea I’m starting a class tomorrow too.. An Art Color class. It’s gonna be fun too :)

  24. 06/04/2009 10:26

    I want another spring break :(

  25. 06/04/2009 14:24

    hihi geen dank, ik zal jullie ook bij mijn inspiratie zetten :D
    Jammer genoeg heb ik nog geen vakantie, nog 3 weken!
    Jullie wel een fijne vakantie!!!!


  26. 07/04/2009 02:45

    great pic! and blog!

  27. Victoria permalink
    09/04/2009 09:05

    mijn haaaaar … :(

    kei tof <3

  28. Selyna permalink
    10/04/2009 18:44

    vacation vacation <3<3 :)

  29. Selyna permalink
    10/04/2009 18:44

    Ha Iaia :)

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