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this week’s dramaqueen: LAURA.


Hi everybody,

this week I was such a dramaqueen -unbelieveble! I cried for almost everything. Monday a good friend of mine just broke up with her boyfriend & when I saw her weeping, so I begun to weep with her… Wednesday it was kind off the same, another friend had a fight with her boyfriend, so she was also crying – and guess what?! I just begun to cry with her! Everybody was kind of surprised that I’m this emotional, but yeaah, that’s just me. I like to weep I guess :’ ). You just feel so relieved ^^.

Cheers, Laura

Dramaqueen-shoot in the garden.Dramaqueen-shoot in the garden.

Dramaqueen-shoot in the garden.

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  1. 22/03/2009 16:22

    I hope you can go too!!
    And I cried a lot this week too. I like to weep also, I guess :]

  2. 22/03/2009 16:42

    That sounds like a plan. I don’t think that my parents will ever want to go to New York, so I’m on my own :]

  3. 22/03/2009 16:47

    Thaaaanks!! Me too :]
    I hope you can visit also!

  4. 22/03/2009 17:54

    dankje voor je reactie, ik vind je laatste foto erg leuk x

  5. 22/03/2009 18:33

    Neen, hier heb je pas echt examens vanaf het 5de middelbaar. Wel gewoon toetsen enzo, maar geen speciale belangrijke toetsen meer op het einde van het schooljaar. Wel even leuk dus (:
    En paasvakantie heb ik ook, maar een weekje minder dan in België ):


  6. 22/03/2009 19:29

    Ja, ik ga naar België voor een weekje (:
    Tis hier bijna alle dagen mooi weer, behalve gisteren, toen was het bewolkt. Maar anders altijd mooi blauwe hemel en zonneschijn ;d
    tja, in de zon is het al snel boven de 20 graden.

  7. 22/03/2009 19:52

    bedankt voor je reactie! :D
    leuke foto’s!

  8. Selyna permalink
    22/03/2009 21:48

    Keep smiling honey ! :)

  9. Selyna permalink
    22/03/2009 21:49

    beatifuuul pictuuuuuuures =)

  10. 22/03/2009 22:26

    Wow, cool accessories on your hand! AND OMG I LOVE your shoes (second pic) – take a picture of them so I can see them better! hehehe

  11. 22/03/2009 22:37

    Nice pics ;b

  12. 23/03/2009 02:09

    Aww sweetheart! Don’t cry too much, though it is good to let it out when you need to. Be happy! :)

    -Sophie (

  13. 23/03/2009 05:06

    cute blog!! and nice photos too =)

  14. 23/03/2009 06:52

    this is such a de javu for me. 6 years ago my best friend and i had a weeping contest on who cries the most thus having a totally shut eyes for a day over our boys. Now we’re both married, weeping no more. am glad for the last sentence. hihi.

  15. 23/03/2009 15:57


  16. 23/03/2009 19:56

    dankjewel! :D
    En die van jou zijn ook echt heeeeel leuk.

  17. 23/03/2009 20:05

    Awwh thanks for the comments. But I’m actually not going to New York. My dad said no…

  18. 23/03/2009 20:11

    awww! bless your little cotton socks :)
    thank you for your LOVELY comment on my blog, by the way,
    and sorry it took so long for me to write back,
    i’ve been a bit emotional this week as well. just goes to show what wonderful people we truly are :)
    x x x x x x x x x x

  19. 23/03/2009 20:26

    Oooh haha :]
    Hey there Laura!!

  20. 23/03/2009 20:44

    Haaha wow. Hello to both of you!!
    You two should come up with some way of identifying yourselves. It would be a whole lot less confusing :]

  21. 23/03/2009 20:56

    Ohh that helps a lot!!
    There’s only one of me, I promise :]

  22. 23/03/2009 21:12

    Nooo I don’t take any of the photos I find, unless I tag them with photography. And thanks so much :]

  23. 23/03/2009 21:23

    See that’s so cool that you can speak so many languages. The only other one I know is Spanish, but I want to learn so many others!!

    I’m planning a question/answer post if you have any questions you’d like to ask :]

  24. 23/03/2009 21:54

    I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, so there are no celebrities at all. Actually Ashton Kutcher came to our IHOP and ordered the waffles and it made the front page of the newspaper.

    And as for high school, there actually are football players and cheerleaders like that. It varies from school to school, like where I live, the cheerleaders are not popular at all.

    …What American TV shows do you watch?

  25. 23/03/2009 22:26

    Yeah all of those shoes are based on truth, but dramatized to be way more interesting :]

    I’ve heard of Antwerp, and I sort of know where Belgium is. We do geography as a part of most history classes. I definitely know where France is!!

    And I’d be glad to answer your questions the best I can!! And it is 4:30PM here, so it’s quite a time difference…

  26. 24/03/2009 17:59

    Hey, I’ve given you a tag/award on my blog..apparently I’m supposed to let you know I am, doing that! haha. This is weird!

  27. Louise permalink
    24/03/2009 20:44

    Hyee: ik kom coms plaatsen ^^
    Maar meisjes toch wij willen nieuwe berichten! ^^
    En véél XD

    Wat kunnen wij toch zoo goed plannen hé, :D.

  28. 24/03/2009 21:35

    Thank you sweety :)

  29. Kathy permalink
    01/04/2009 21:26

    die onderste foto is cool ;) & de andere ook maar dat had ik al vrij veel keer gezegd ;D

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