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GOODBYE WINTER; see you next year! ;)



Omg, I can’t believe it: spring begins! Okéé, the last days the weather was great but now we can finally say it’s spring! I didn’t do something special today but spring made me really happy! ^^

And now I really really, but yeah REALLY want new clothes.  I want new sunglasses, new tops, new skirts, new new new! Haha, do you never have that feeling? ^^

Ouchh, first we have exams! From Friday ’till Wednesday, yeah just four but you know 4 exams are 4 exams! =D :(
But don’t worry, just be happy ( haha now I’m encouraging myself!), after those stupid exams we have 2 weeks holiday! How fantastic is that?! ;) There are just 12 days left! 12 DAYS! Whoaa!
Then it’s HOLIDAY, woah I’m dreaming when I hear this! :’)

12 daaaays, lalalalala..
Lots of lovee, Manon. xx



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  1. 22/03/2009 02:13

    wow, two weeks holiday after 4 days exam. how lovely.
    well, good luck and happy holiday dear ;-*


  2. 22/03/2009 14:05

    Spring is such a lovely season! Shopping-mania comes to every girl, I think!;D
    Hope that good weather will come here too, because last week wasn’t so good. I still can see some snow through my window, because yesterday it was snowing!;/
    Good luck with Your exams!
    Lovely photos, the kitty is so cute:))

  3. 22/03/2009 14:10

    Great photos!
    Oh, and that feeling about wanting to buy new clothes? That’s the feeling I have all the time!! ;D

  4. Louise permalink
    22/03/2009 14:28

    Wauw; ik zie jullie graag!
    Haha: na ons story, maken we nu een blog, of niet?
    En wie, gaat die van jullie dan niet afzwakken! HAHA ^^
    Gelukkig zijn we eruit geraakt, :D

  5. Louise permalink
    22/03/2009 14:28

    Een nieuw bericht: prachtige foto van dat bloemetje!
    Whaaaa: ^^

  6. 22/03/2009 15:25

    Ahh you seem like so much fun. This post makes me excited for spring even more :]

  7. 22/03/2009 15:35

    Awhh thanks :]
    Btw how old are you? You look soo young in this photo!

  8. 22/03/2009 15:54

    I’m 15. Us young bloggers will take over the world, I say!!

  9. 22/03/2009 15:58

    I live in Wisconsin. What about you??

  10. 22/03/2009 16:06

    No I want to go to New York for the month of July for a pre-college program. But the program doesn’t offer housing, so I was looking at apartemtents and sublets. My fingers are still crossed that I can go.

  11. 22/03/2009 16:14

    thanks for your comment (:
    i lovee your blog!

  12. Selyna permalink
    22/03/2009 21:47

    Exams –‘

  13. 23/03/2009 02:43

    Dankjewel voor je reactie op mn blog!
    Ik waardeer elke bezoeker :))
    Ben jij dat op die foto’s?
    Echt mooi! Vooral de eerste! <3

    Heb een mooie dag, lief meisje!


  14. 23/03/2009 02:44

    Oh lol, dat berichtje was eigenlijk voor bij die andere post; de laatste :))

  15. 24/03/2009 03:08

    Love your necklace!! So cute! :D

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