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Pepejeans! <3

Today it was just a boring day at school but in the afternoon we did a little ‘fluo-fight’! We started to act a little bit funny after the 5th lesson and suddendly we just started to put some colour felt-pen on each other! Oh god, this probable looks very childish but we have to admit, we had a lot of fun.. ^^ The teachers not include of course! They were a little bit angry and looked very comic at our faces!  :’ )    The consequences were that we had a lot of colors on our faces, so there were a lot of people looking at us like ‘what the hell?’.  We wondered why? xP   But yeah the sun was shining and we were happy that the week-end finally begun even though we have a lot of work to do for school.

Hasta mañana y buen fin de semana!

[we tryed something out in Spanish :’ ]



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  1. Katrien permalink
    13/03/2009 19:18

    Ghaaaa, fluofight was fun!
    Ma khad voor de verandering weinig op mijn gezicht, just like the previous time at the museum! :’)

  2. 13/03/2009 21:21

    hahahaha zag er vast heel grappig uit!

    ja, mn broer heeft een eigen. Maar hij woont ook al samen met zijn vriendin ;) – niet meer thuis dus.. – dan is het niet zo héél speciaal meer natuurlijk. haha


  3. Selyna permalink
    13/03/2009 21:36

    Aaaaaaah dzat was dus je fuo op je gezicht =D

  4. Selyna permalink
    13/03/2009 21:37

    Buen fin de semana :)

  5. Selyna permalink
    13/03/2009 21:37

    Int spaaans yeaaah <3 :)

  6. 13/03/2009 21:45

    You girls are too cute! Love the blog

    And thanks for dropping by!

  7. Selyna permalink
    13/03/2009 21:50

    Hasta manana ?
    Wie zegt dak morge trug kom ? :p

  8. Selyna permalink
    13/03/2009 21:50

    Wees gerust kzal wel trugkome x)

  9. 13/03/2009 21:51

    in sint lucas kunstsecundair antwerpen :]
    vandaag was het weer weeral beter! wedden dat het morge trug gaat regenen? ;p

  10. 13/03/2009 21:59

    I don’t normally come across a blog that I love so much as this! It’s very honest and innocent and I love that it’s about being happy. I’ll put you on my links list!


  11. 14/03/2009 01:42

    sounds fun! and yeah, happy weekend dear.
    come again ;3


  12. 14/03/2009 02:00

    Haha, that sounds fun. I love that picture!

  13. Katrien permalink
    14/03/2009 11:23

    Haaa, new picture! ;)

  14. 14/03/2009 11:27

    Cute blog, girls! I love Your spring-ish mood and streaming happiness:))
    I didn’t post anything, because I was a little bit busy, but I’ll do it soon, thanks for stopping by:)

  15. 14/03/2009 12:24

    Nah, I think I’ll tidy up my room and do my homework, as always;D And You? Maybe You’ve got some special plans for this fabulous weekend?

  16. 14/03/2009 13:00

    The weather here is wonderful, sun is shining and it’s not very cold, so maybe I should have a walk… I’ll think about it;D
    Happy shopping, hope You’ll choose the best cellphone!
    Thanks, have a great weekend too!^^

  17. 14/03/2009 16:09

    aah leuke blog hoor! leuk plaatje!

  18. 14/03/2009 16:19

    Hahaha, klinkt geweldig xD

  19. 14/03/2009 17:37

    wow, that does sound fun.
    have a great weekend.

  20. 14/03/2009 20:16

    In mijn school kunt ge alleen beeldende en architecturale volgen maar dan hebt ge ook wel waarnemingstekenen enzo .. maar in kunsthumaniora kunt ge fotografie enzo doen. ik vond de temperatuur vandaag wel aangenaam, kheb heel de tijd zonder jas rondgelopen :] x

  21. 15/03/2009 01:52

    well, I’m just attending my friend 17th birthday party. so fun :)
    how’s yours?
    and about the weather, depends on the season. we just have 2 season here. rainy season and dry season. now the rainy season, so almost everyday rain is pouring down. sometimes I enjoy it but sometimes I hate it. lol.

    xo ;)

    Ps. I’m following you trough bloglovin’ Just for keep in touch ;3

  22. 15/03/2009 12:55

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh uniforms are a blag,
    x x x x x x x x

  23. 15/03/2009 13:01

    Thanks voor de comment op mijn blogje. :)

  24. 15/03/2009 13:32

    I love that picture! Sounds like you had fun at school!

  25. 16/03/2009 07:42

    Hi! Thanks for your comment, I like the photo :)

  26. 16/03/2009 15:04

    Oh, it’s definitely fun to do a little something different like that!

  27. 16/03/2009 16:26

    haha sounds like you had loads of fun!! x

  28. 17/03/2009 18:45

    Aww, that sounds like such a fun thing to do on a boring day :) Thank you for the comment on my blog btw <3

  29. 18/03/2009 07:18

    thank you for the sweet comment, sounds like more fun than i had at school!
    – Karen

  30. 20/03/2009 21:26

    Love this ad!


    P.S. The weather is still pretty cool here in Connecticut, but at least the sun is shining!

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